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Cape Town


The trend of capes has somewhat swept the fashion industry by storm in the last year and a half. There are all kinds of capes being made and worn in numerous ways. The beauty with cape jackets are that they can accentuate almost any body type and make you feel like you're swaying wherever you walk. I instantly feel like i'm on a runway whenever I adorn a cape of any kind.

So obviously, I decided to make my very own Retro Rani cape, which would be nothing short of dazzling! The first thing I did was steal this gorgeous material from my mother's closet of hidden wonders. This fabric is commonly referred to as cotton 'Dhoop Chhaon', which essentially resonates its unique quality of changing colour shades as soon as the light hits it.

Think of it as a chameleon of fabrics, if you must. This particular cape looks like a beautiful pink when kept in the shade, and turns into a flaming shade of deep coral when it comes in contact with the sun. It's typically used in multiple Indian saree designs and was a very popular pick in fabric design during the yesteryears.

To give it some upbeat spunk, I decided to buy some sparkly borders with gold floral motifs and adorned the collar and pocket areas of my cape.

Take a look at the pictures and give me your feedback, as always!


Photographs: Mom


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