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Winter Blues


When it comes to fabrics from India, I'm truly spoilt for choice and left completely confused when deciding because of the vast array of textiles our beautiful country has to offer. We often underestimate the value and worth of these stunning fabrics and the painstaking effort that goes into creating every weave with grace and hard work.

For this outfit, I decided to create an easy-breezy day-time casual dress using the famous Patola cotton-silk blend with a leaf weave pattern in royal blue. This type of fabric originated in Gujarat and not only does the colour stand out wherever you go, but the texture and detailing is so gorgeous and absolutely minimalistic. I decided to pair this casual dress with a denim trench jacket, heeled sneakers and statement earrings to give it a bit of funk in true Retro Rani fashion! Freezing winter weather in Dubai needs proper layering and you may as well do it stylishly, don't you think?



Photographs: Mom

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