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Unwinding Roots


For many years now, I’ve always had a dream to start my own clothing line and spread the love for creativity through fashion design. At first, it started with me casually using leftover materials from my mother’s saris and kurtas. I would rummage through the scraps and turn the useless leftovers into table mats and hair bands.

As the years passed by, my love for craft and fashion design grew into an insatiable desire to do more, and be more. This unbridled love for fabrics and clothing design gave birth to my brainchild— Retro Rani. Retro Rani, while definitely starting off as a fashion blog, aims to showcase all my designs personally sketched and created by me to encourage the idea of self expression, individualism and a love for forgotten tradition. My roots stem from India, and so do the inspirations behind every piece of clothing you’ll see on the blog. I want to bring inventive Indian fashion funk and splash it all over the streets of Dubai.

This first post is very special to me because it encourages the idea of ‘up-cycling’ as the top I’m wearing is made from a pure Khadi material that was actually an old sari blouse piece my mother didn't need anymore. It’s perfect for an afternoon lunch or even a casual day out. What I most love about it is the lightweight nature and how comfortable the fabric feels. The skirt was also a leftover bit of fabric stolen from my mother’s closet to create a beautiful high-waisted 60’s style skirt. After all, I put the retro in Retro Rani!

So I hope you enjoy this first post and give me all your love and support as I embark on this nerve tingling fashion adventure of mine! For more updates, please don’t forget to like my page on Facebook ( and follow me on Instagram at retro.rani

Photographs: Mom

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