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Cherry Blossoms & Sake


A lot of you may have already noticed and followed my big adventure to The Land of The Rising Sun, aka Japan. Words cannot describe what a truly surreal journey this was and how I have actually come back with a renewed sense of purpose and an uplifted spirit.

I know it sounds like the most cliche thing ever, but Japan definitely has magical powers and an amazing aura that transports you into an alternative universe that you never want to leave. From Sushi to Sake, and Samurais to Sashimi, this place has so much to offer.

The places I visited included Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Tokyo. All of which had a unique essence and something wonderful respectively.

Of course I simply HAD to create wear my own outfits on this trip, because I wanted to splash a little bit of India all over the Cherry Blossomed streets of Japan! I could not wear a lot of my outfits due to unprecedented weather changes and the erratic behaviour of the clouds, but I tried my best to adorn some Retro funk wherever I could!

As always, check out the pictures and give me your feedback!


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