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The Golden Lining


Culottes have undeniably become one of the trendiest styles of 2016/17. You'll observe women wearing them casually, to a party with heels, running errands with grocery bags and even going to work in them. That's because culottes are that damn stylish and comfortable all at once!

For those of you who don't know what culottes are, think of them as really loose a-line pallazzo pants that got cut in half! I decided to make my pair of culottes with a matching crop top using cotton which had golden circular motifs on it. Flats go best with my particular culottes so I busted out my dull gold sandals and decided to take a stroll along the newly constructed bridge at the Dubai Water Canal.

Stay tuned for more designs and more fabric trivia while I quickly dash into my kitchen for some food!

Photographs: Mom

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