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Brocade Begum


A lot of you associate the fabric brocade with some pre-historic curtain material or ancient apparel adorned by the royals. Some of you may even associate it to something your grandmother would wear in her youth. Brocade, indeed has been around for a while now, and for good reason. This stunning fabric usually comes with intricate metallic thread-work which uplifts the style quotient of the wearer, no matter what the design. Be weary though, because when you over-do the brocade in some styles, you'll end up looking like a set of Victorian drapes.

The outfit I chose for this particular brocade material is a super over-sized (my current fav) swing dress that pretty much flies everywhere and gives me a bizarre sense of freedom and movement! I'm going to be using quite a bit of Brocade for some other designs as well, so let me know what you guys think!

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Photographs: Mom

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