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Kutch Me If You Can


Hey there my Ranis and Rajas! How freaky is it that the month of Jan is already coming to a near end? It feels like just yesterday that I was singing my way into the new year!

The new year brought brand new designs for me and I decided that as the weeks go by, i'm going to get more and more experimental not only with the kind of fabrics I use, but also the styles i'm making. I visited a gigantic flea market being held at The Burj Park recently so I decided to wear my casual dress with sneakers.

I chose the wildly exuberant Kutch cotton, which is knows for it's unique thread-work and bright colours that can be spotted even from the moon! The bright orange with the traces of pink. blue and green immediately caught my eye and I decided, if i'm going to make something, my sleeves have to be this loud Kutchi material!

In order to strike a balance and not look like a clown serving french fries at a street fair, I had to pair this vivacious fabric with something extremely sombre. solid and elegant. What better fabric to have picked than the legendary Chikankari!

It's a very popular fabric that almost every Indian woman owns in her closet and people are doing wonders with this fabric nowadays. So I tried my hand at it and, voila! A day-time dress was created!

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Location: DSF Market OTB, Burj Park

Photographs: Mom

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