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South Indian Swag


Being a South Indian raised in Dubai all my life, I never really cared much about the fuss over a Kanjeevaram saree. I would watch my mother, my grandmother and my aunt gush over a newly bought saree for days and wonder— what the hell is so great about this?

That was, until I hit my mid 20’s and realized exactly what the huge fuss was all about. Kanjeevaram sarees are not only stunningly beautiful, but they’re so royal in nature and absolutely exquisite. They’re famous for their intricate gold thread work which is so detailed you could sit for hours with a magnifying glass and still find something to swoon over.

So obviously, I simply had to create a design which incorporates a little bit of this regal fabric.

The outfit I made is a cotton maxi-cape in bright lime green with a twist. The twist being that I’ve used the borders of a Kanjeevaram saree across the entire outfit to give it that desi zest. This outfit was paired with my everyday jeans to show that you can literally wear something like this anywhere, no matter what part of the world you’re in. Take a look at the pictures and i’d love to hear your feedback!

Insta: retro.rani


Photographs: Mom

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