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Vermillion Hues


Nothing excites me more than bidding goodbye to the last year and starting a brand new one filled with hope and excitement. I hope this new year brings with it everything that we've all hoped for and we glide through like a fine silk sari draped across a mannequin.

This post is particularly close to my heart and also happens to be one of my personal favourite designs using cotton so far. The textile I picked to create this gorgeous two-piece skirt and top set adopts the ancient and somewhat forgotten art of Warli paintings, a tribal art form typically found in the state of Maharashtra and known for its abstract yet intricate visual appeal.

Retro Rani pays homage to this beautiful art form and hopes to spread its joy by transforming it into everyday clothing so the world can see India shine! Hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed designing it!



Photographs: Mom

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